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Business Summary: Effective FY18 - 7/1/17


Mainframe Services consist of many components that comprise a highly available and secure environment to house agency applications and systems. The following components are included in the service: compute, storage, data center network, space and utilities, security, software licensing and management tools.

The specific quantity and location of any component will be decided by the requirements of each application and system. Ongoing management and analysis will ensure that components are configured to run in a highly secure fashion at a high level of efficiency.

Agency partner input

The customer always has the opportunity in conference with MNIT personnel to request modifications to the existing environment to meet new technical or budgetary requirements, and to make sure the environment is properly allocated and provisioned, and running efficiently.

There will be a periodic review of the currently prescribed services in use. Adjustments will be allowed to ensure the resources align properly with the business requirements.


Billing details: Billing is based per user and billed at monthly intervals. Mainframe hosting service will be measured by usage of resources of processor (CICS, CPU, Ziip), e-reports reads, scheduled jobs and data storage and backups in gigabytes (GB). Mainframe Database (DB2, Adabas and Supra) utilization will be measured by usage of processor resources. Specialty software requirements are also measured and charged by their specific usage type.

Choosing the right services: Agency partners should purchase the service type to provide the needed infrastructure to support the selected business application. MNIT will assist in determining the service that meets the customer needs and requirements.

Services and Rates

Mainframe services include security, infrastructure, data center space, operational support and technical input on architecting the correct solution for the selected application.

The service features a shared multi-tenant mainframe environment that includes services provided through Data Center Bundle services. It is built with flexibility to ensure security compliance and governance that meet agency partners’ specific application requirements. Redundancy is built in and configured to ensure the compute infrastructure stays up and running. The environment includes risk mitigation with offsite replicated data storage and contracted processing resources to ensure disaster recovery with minimal RTO and RPO. All of the environments are updated and managed to ensure that any changes or updates to the applications can be met.

All services are designed and built to extremely high security standards by default, with security woven into the design, with pre-determined standards for consistent management and support. All of the environments are updated and managed to ensure that any changes or updates to the applications can be met.

Billing is based on various mainframe resources used. All billing is at monthly intervals.

Rates and Ordering Information

Service Name Metric Rate
748-Mainframe - Disk Storage Gb $ 0.2428
745-Mainframe - Database - Adabas 1000 CPU Svc/Unt $ 0.0151
746-Mainframe - Database - DB2 1000 CPU Svc/Unt $ 0.0575
747-Mainframe - Database - Supra 1000 DB Calls $ 0.1078
749-Mainframe - Enterprise Workload Schedule Job $ 1.2092
750-Mainframe - Mainframe CPU 1000 CPU Svc/Unt $ 0.0255
751-Mainframe - Mainframe Scheduled Jobs Job $ 1.6678
752-Mainframe - Mainframe Specialty Processor 1000 CPU Svc/Unt $ 0.0062
753-Mainframe - Reads Report Reads $ 0.0165

What is not included

Users of this service must have their place of work connected via the WAN service.

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