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Business Summary: Effective FY18 - 7/1/17, Revised 6/30/17

Laptop Bundles

The Laptop Bundle provides a base-level (standard) laptop computer with docking station (if needed), plus workstation support for State of Minnesota agency partners. Standard laptops are selected from the list of Enterprise Standard devices adopted by Minnesota IT Services. Upgrade options are available to meet business needs. There is a one-time charge at the time of purchase for optional upgrades (listed below). Monthly bundle rates will remain the same, no matter which upgrades you choose.

Monitors are not included in Laptop Bundles. If you need one or more monitors, you must use the partner agency’s normal purchasing process.

Billing details

Bundles are billed at monthly intervals. Billing is based on the number of individual bundles you purchase for your agency.

  • If you purchase a Laptop Bundle, you must also purchase an Enterprise Software Bundle.

Refresh Cycles (Computer Replacement)

As of July 1, 2017, agency partners have chosen one of the following refresh cycles for all laptop bundles at their agency (so they are all replaced with the same frequency):

  • Standard Laptop Bundles: We will replace your computer every four years, unless you request a shorter replacement cycle.
  • Shorter two- or three-year refresh cycles are optional upgrades. An additional one-time charge will apply. See Upgrade Options for details.
  • Longer refresh cycles are not available.

We understand that situations and circumstances change over time. If you need to change to a different refresh cycle or need early replacement for individual desktops, please contact Client Relations.

Services and Rates

All standard Laptop Bundles include the following:

  • Standard laptop, replaced every four years
  • Docking station (provided with new bundles; replaced during refresh cycles, if needed)
  • Workstation management and protection package: antivirus, firewalls, security patching and encryption
  • Workstation support, including remote desktop and deskside support.
  • Inventory management of hardware and software.
  • VPN remote access. RSA tokens are provided on a limited basis.  

Desktop Bundle - Rates and Ordering Information

Service Name Metric Rate
742-Laptop - Standard Laptop Bundle Laptops $ 78.70

Upgrade Options

Your agency may have specific business needs that require an upgrade to the Standard Bundle. There is a one-time charge per bundle for each upgrade option you select. All monthly per bundle rates stay the same as those shown above for standard bundles. The following optional upgrades are available:

  • Performance-upgraded laptop:
    • Your agency can request any number of laptops with upgraded performance.
    • You will be billed a one-time charge for each upgraded laptop. This charge equals the difference between the cost of the standard laptop and the cost of the performance-upgraded laptop.
  • Memory upgrade:
    • Your agency can request memory upgrades for any number of laptops.
    • You will be billed a one-time charge for the cost of the additional memory.
  • Shorter Refresh Cycles (Laptop Replacement):
    • Two- or three-year refresh cycles are available for an additional one-time charge.
    • The one-time charge equals the amount of required to buy-out the remaining term of the laptop.
    • For example: if a laptop was replaced after three years instead of four years, the one-time charge would equal the amount needed to buy out the remaining year.

Other Items You May Need

Some equipment you may need is not available from MNIT, and is not included in our rates. You must purchase the following items through the partner agency’s normal purchasing process:

  • All Monitor(s)
  • Headset
  • Web cam (required to use all of the functionality of Skype for Business)
  • Local printer, if needed
  • Non-standard keyboard and mouse (ergonomic or wireless)
  • Programmable keyboard

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