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Service information for FY 20/21.

Desktop and Laptop Bundles

Effective July 1, 2017, Desktop and Laptop service bundles are available to State of Minnesota agency partners.

Bundles include standard laptop and desktop computers selected from the list of Enterprise Standard devices adopted by Minnesota IT Services, plus workstation management, protection and support, and inventory management of hardware and software. Upgrade options are available. See details below.

If you have questions about the service bundles, please contact Business Relationship Management.

Standard Bundles

Standard Desktop Bundles Include:

  • Standard desktop computer
  • Standard keyboard and mouse
  • Replacement every five years

Standard Laptop Bundles Include:

  • Standard laptop
  • Docking station, keyboard, and mouse (provided with new bundles; replaced during refresh cycles, if needed)
  • Replacement every four years

What is Included?

All Standard and Upgraded Desktop and Laptop Bundles also include the following:

  • Workstation management and protection package: antivirus, firewalls, security patching and encryption
  • Workstation support, including remote desktop and deskside support
  • Inventory management of hardware and software

What is NOT Included?

  • Monitors are not included in any bundles. If you need one or more monitors, you must use the partner agency’s normal purchasing process.
  • Device and memory upgrades (see below)


Bundles are billed at monthly intervals. Billing is based on the number of individual bundles you purchase for your agency.

If you purchase a Desktop or Laptop Bundle, you must also purchase an Enterprise Software Bundle.

Other Items You May Need

Some equipment you may need is not available from MNIT and is not included in our rates. You must purchase the following items through the partner agency’s normal purchasing process:

  • All Monitors
  • Headset
  • Webcam (required to use all of the functionality of online video meetings)
  • Local printer, if needed
  • Non-standard keyboard and mouse (ergonomic or wireless)
  • Programmable keyboard

Upgrade Options

Memory Upgrades

Your agency can request memory upgrades for any number of bundles. You will be billed a one-time charge for the cost of the additional memory.

High-end (performance) Desktops and Laptops

Your agency may require an upgrade to one or more desktop/laptop standard bundles. This can be done during annual replacement, or when onboarding a new employee.

If a high-end device is needed for a particular user, the agency will incur a one-time upcharge for the amount exceeding the cost of the standard device. The monthly bundle rate would remain unchanged.

One-time Upcharge

The upcharge amount is equal to the cost of the device plus any required add-ons (additional or special docks, external drives, etc.) less the cost of the standard device. (Note: The standard charge for the laptop includes the cost of a docking station). That amount is then multiplied by the number of devices the agency is purchasing with an upgrade.

The monthly desktop rate includes $583 for replacement, spread over 5 years which corresponds to the useful life that’s been defined for desktops. Similarly, the laptop rate includes $953 (sales tax not included) spread over 4 years. If you have any questions on how to calculate an upcharge, please contact your Relationship Management Team. Here are some examples that help explain the process.

For details about how costs and taxes are calculated, please visit the MNIT Connect Extranet for Minnesota State Employees (authentication required). 

Computer Replacements

Replacements Included with Bundles

Effective July 1, 2017: Desktop and Laptop service bundles (standard and upgraded) include a provision to replace computers as they reach the end of their useful lives. Here’s how that works.

  1. We identify the devices eligible for replacement.
    • Before the end of the fiscal year, the Enterprise Desktop Support team will review the desktops and laptops billed at each agency to identify the devices due for replacement this year.
    • The age of the device is based on its purchase date. Desktop useful life is defined as five years; laptops are four years.

  2. The agency evaluates their business needs and can make changes.
    • MNIT presents each agency business with a list of the devices that are due for replacement.
    • The business may use this opportunity to change the mix of devices in their environment. Since the monthly billing rates for laptops and desktops are significantly different, businesses can help manage costs by evaluating needs and determining appropriate devices for each user.

  3. We will inform you if your costs change.
    • There are no additional hardware costs to the business as long as they select from the standard desktop and laptop offerings, because equipment replacement is included in the monthly rates.
    • If they choose to replace a standard laptop with a high-end laptop for a particular user, the one-time upgrade charge would apply (see details in Upgrade Options above) but the monthly laptop rate would remain unchanged.
    • If the business replaces a laptop with a new desktop, their monthly rate would decrease. Conversely, if a desktop is replaced with a new laptop, the monthly rate would increase.

  4. Replacement schedules are coordinated with the agency.
    • Some businesses may need to avoid equipment replacements at certain times during the year to limit disruption to their staff. For example, MNsure prefers discretionary work not occur during Open Enrollment.
    • MNIT will work with the business to determine the optimal replacement window and try to accommodate those schedules whenever possible.

Replacement Ahead of Schedule

If an agency wants to replace a device ahead of the normal replacement schedule, they must “buy out” the remaining hardware cost that would have been recovered via the monthly rates had the agency been billed for the full term of that device.

For details about how costs and taxes are calculated, please visit the MNIT Connect Extranet for Minnesota State Employees (authentication required).

Rates for Desktop and Laptop Bundles

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