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Service information for FY 20/21.

Wide Area Network (WAN) 

WAN services provide secure network connections to state locations. These connections provide access to applications and information that employees need to do work. WAN services connect agency sites to the state network known as Minnesota’s Network for Enterprise Telecommunications (MNET), to the Internet and to MNIT Enterprise Data Centers.


WAN services provide various levels, or tiers, of network capacity and availability to align with business needs. Each tier provides a specific amount of network capacity (bandwidth) geared to support the peak levels of business activity at a location.

The employee counts shown below are approximate, as the preferred capacity at a location may depend upon additional factors. Some telecommunication circuits are not available in certain areas of the state, so all WAN tiers are not available at all locations.

The top tiers generally use dedicated circuits. The others use internet connections but with secure and encrypted connections that are made to the state network using a technology known as hardware-based virtual private network (VPN).


  • Billing details: Services are billed monthly per agency location and Tier.
  • Choosing a tier: Customers should purchase the tier to provide the network bandwidth needed to support the business activity of the site. Higher capacity tiers can support more rapid response time to cloud applications. MNIT will assist in determining the tier needed to support a location.
  • Using the service: WAN connections are made to a location/site, which in turn connects to a local area network (LAN) service. LAN service is purchased separately, and is used to connect all the computers, IP telephones, printers and other connected devices at the site.
  • Equipment and Options: WAN equipment replacement will be done on an as-needed basis (approximately every five to eight years). Customers may also choose to add a high availability option to minimize work disruptions. These options are detailed in technical documentation available as part of a planning guide process.

Additional Services and Charges

Some charges are not included in the monthly rates shown below:

  • One-time and recurring charges for circuits
  • WAN architecture and detailed design work is billed separately on a per hour basis (see below)
  • End user connections provided by LAN service connections will be made in coordination with the LAN team

Rates for WAN

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