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Service information for FY 20/21.


MNIT's  voice services provide business quality voice communications and a varied set of related features and capabilities. The service provides one telephone line in a state office, teleworker home office or other location. Services are billed monthly per telephone number. Services generally include:

  • A unique telephone number, voicemail, and a standard telephone handset (equipment)
  • Long distance calling (outbound calling only, 1-800 type inbound long distance is additional)
  • Activation charges, except as noted
  • Telecom coordination operational support
  • Telephone equipment replacement will be done on an as-needed basis


Reduce or eliminate toll charges, receive voicemail directly in your email inbox, and more with MNIT’s Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service. This service is delivered through the MNET service infrastructure and the your local area network.



View your missed and placed calls, search the Minnesota government white pages directory, and more through your VoIP phone.



Get long Distance, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Three-way Calling and more through MNIT’s Centrex services. These services are available in many Minnesota locations through a contract with CenturyLink.



Voice equipment includes IP phones, headsets, and text telephones for users that are deaf or hard of hearing.


Contact Center

Communicate with your customers and stakeholders though telephone, email, and web chat using MNIT’s Voice over IP service infrastructure. Agencies of all sizes use this omnichannel environment, where each contact is routed, queued, monitored, and reported.

CICM User Accounts (2nd nature)

Manage call center reporting, call recording (Quality Management), workforce management, call center agent administration, call center hours administration, and phone provisioning through 2nd Nature, MNIT’s contact center application.

Contact Center is a designed service based on agency business requirements.


Over the Phone interpretation (OPI) is a language interpretation service provided over a phone connection. It’s used to convert spoken words from one language to another, so listeners and speakers can understand each other. There are three types of OPI currently offered through MNIT:

  • General OPI: This is for general use and doesn’t require any special certifications or requirements. It can be used for 9-1-1 calls.
  • Health Care Certified OPI: This is used when specialized terminology and knowledge is required for hospitals, clinics, or health information centers.
  • Court/Legal Certified OPI: This is used when specialized terminology and knowledge is required for hearings or legal proceedings.

What is Included in Voice – OPI?

OPI through the MNIT contract includes access to interpreters and the three levels of service described above. After you activate the service, you should contact the Enterprise Service Desk to get your six-digit access code.


  • Billing: All services are billed at monthly intervals. See the tables in this document for more details.
  • What services should we buy? MNIT telecom coordinators will help agency partners determine the services and features needed based on business needs. Note that current small office multi-line phones are being replaced with enterprise IP Telephony services.
  • How is long distance usage billed? All usage charges for state, national, Canadian and international long distance, and services such as 411 directory assistance, are included in MNIT’s Telephone Service rates. The annual usage costs for all state phones are averaged into the monthly rates of the service. Agency partners are responsible for the appropriate use of these usage-based services by employees.

Services Available Separately

  • Line installation fees from contracted telephony companies are billed as one-time charges.
  • Specialized phones (conference room speaker phones, etc.) are billed as one-time charges.
  • Specialized contact center services are billed separately, including but not limited to: interactive voice response (IVR) applications; advanced contact center tools (quality management); workforce management applications.
  • Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) and other language interpretation services.
  • Operator-assisted audio conferencing calls and one-time audio conference services, such as audio recording files or transcriptions, are billed separately.
  • In-bound long distance toll service (1-800 services) is billed on a per minute basis.
  • Cellular services and phones are available directly from providers on state contract.

Rates for Voice

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