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Service information for FY 20/21.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) provide our agency partners with LAN Services that support the connection of end-user computing devices, telephones, printers, security cameras and other network connected devices. The service includes equipment, maintenance, configuration, administration, monitoring, and operations.

Eight LAN service types are available to support wired and wireless connections (see details in the table below). All services include:

  • Switch equipment, maintenance plans and equipment spares as needed for quick replacement.
  • Management systems, monitoring, LAN firewall and operational resources.
  • Managing enterprise architectural standards and best practices for LAN and Wireless LAN (WLAN) services.
  • The lifecycle for LAN equipment is managed and equipment replaced as needed.
  • Specialized distribution equipment known as core switches are required at large offices or multiple building campuses with many or widespread LAN switches (see the table below).

Billing Details

  • Services are billed per device.
  • All services are billed at monthly intervals.
  • Rates are based on the quantity of physical LAN devices (includes LAN switches, core switches and wireless LAN access points) that are installed and being monitored in MNIT management systems.


  • Choosing the right service: Agency partners should purchase the number of LAN devices required for the total number of local network connections (wired and wireless) needed at a site. MNIT will assist in determining the quantity of devices needed to support a location based upon business needs.
  • Core Services: MNIT will work with the agency to determine the most cost-effective and efficient design for the office location and explain the rationale for the design when core services are needed.
  • The process: Wired LAN connections will be made in coordination with workstation management teams and/or facilities teams typically working with an on-boarding process. End-users will be supported for their wireless LAN connections through local MNIT service desks. MNIT will provide logon information for guest and secure wireless LAN (WLAN) connections.

Additional Services

Agency partners may have unique needs that require the following additional custom services:

  • Fiber-based installation: For large construction, remodeling and office moves, LAN architecture and detailed design work is billed per installation (see Professional Services hourly rates below).
  • LAN structured cabling systems: One-time charges for installation, update or repair of LAN wiring systems (cabling, wall plates, patch panels, etc.) are billed per installation.

Rates for LAN

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