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Service information for FY 20/21.


Conference services provide interactive video for groups in specialized meeting rooms and web conferencing from computers or smart devices. Video conference rooms are equipped with large video screens, remote-control high definition cameras, microphones, and a touch panel to control these devices. Meeting attendees do not need a personal computer or smart device to join a meeting in these rooms. Web conferencing uses computing devices for online meetings.

WebEx (CCA)

The WebEx with Cloud Connected Audio (CCA) conferencing service features an interactive interface for virtual meetings with all audio and recordings included in one monthly rate.

WebEx offers three different products, based on the meeting scale and purpose. All are part of the monthly subscription.

  • Meeting Center: Best for small meetings of internal or external collaborators.
  • Event Center: Best for scheduled large scale online events such as webinars or conferences.
  • Training Center: Best for online training, distance learning, and audience interactivity.



Reservationless Plus (ResPlus) is pay-as-you-go audio-only phone conferencing service from West Communications (formerly Intercall). Recordings and Operator Assisted features are available for an additional cost

If you are planning to use this service frequently, consider using WebEx with Cloud Connected Audio (CCA) which also offers audio-only features at a fixed monthly cost.


WebEx (per Min)

WebEx Meeting Center per Minute is a legacy offering that is not available for new ResPlus accounts. Combined with ResPlus/Intercall and pay per minute audio, these offer the same features as WebEx with CCA but with variable pay per minute charges and additional costs for each recording.

MNIT is in the process of moving all customers using this service to a WebEx with CCA subscription. To transition to WebEx with CCA contact MNIT or your local service desk.


  • Billing details: Services are billed monthly per video conference room or user account.
  • Choosing a service: The MNIT conference coordinator team will work with state vendor/partners to assist in aligning business needs with services. The team will also support development of conference rooms with the appropriate conference solutions.

What is not Included

  • Conference room equipment and PC peripherals for conferencing
  • Staff to operate conference room controls during meetings
    • Group Video Conference systems are designed to have a simplified set of conference controls supported on intuitive touch-controlled panels or remotes.
    • Video conference participants will have training available to learn how to operate these controls to successfully participate in video conference sessions.

Rates for Conferencing

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