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Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) offers secure solutions that fulfill our business partners needs from everything from hardware and software to connectivity and hosting. Here you will find a list of all of the services we provide.

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Application Development

Create and Manage. MNIT provides Application Development and Support to help our business partners create and manage custom solutions on the Salesforce and SharePoint platforms. We provide licensing, storage, hosting, and professional solutions so you can share your ideas.

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Meet Anytime, Anywhere. MNIT’s Conferencing Services provide interactive video and web conferencing from your computer or smart device. Video conference rooms come equipped with large video screens, remote-control high definition cameras, microphones, and a touch panel for a seamless digital meeting.

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Store Important Data. MNIT’s database services provide our partners with hosting and support services to manage highly available and secure environments for agency databases. Standard database services include dedicated hosting for Oracle, SQL and DB2, and shared hosting for Oracle and SQL.

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Desktop and Laptop Bundles

Dependable and Mobile Workstations. The Desktop and Laptop Bundles provide either the standard desktop or laptop computer, related peripherals and workstation support needed to get the job done.

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Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Work Efficiently. MNIT’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) service provides our partners with a secure document management system. This system includes tools that enables the capture of paper and electronic documents for scalable storage, quick retrieval, standardized workflow routing, powerful searching, flexible access, backup/archiving options and final disposition.

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Provide Important Data. MnGeo provides shared geospatial services that support the development, implementation and use of geospatial technology in Minnesota. These geospatial services focus on the access to geospatial data and technology through providing access to enterprise licensing and web services that can be incorporated into applications and web browsers.

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Store and Access. MNIT’s hosting services offer our partners a highly available and secure environment to house agency applications and systems. The following components are included in the service: compute, storage, data center network, space and utilities, security, software licensing and management tools.

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Identity and Access Icon

Identity and Access Management

Share and Access. MNIT’s Identity Access Management (IAM) service provides user authentication and management services when accessing data via webpages. This service is commonly used to allow public service employees, the general public, and service providers, to connect with restricted state websites.

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Local Area Network (LAN) Icon

Local Area Network (LAN)

Deliver More. MNIT’s LAN Services, support the connection of end-user computing devices, telephones, printers, security cameras and other network connected devices. The service includes equipment, maintenance, configuration, administration, monitoring, and operations.

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Store and Access. MNIT’s legacy mainframe services consist of many components that comprise a highly available and secure environment to house agency applications and systems for existing agency partners.

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Connect and Simplify. Middleware software connects applications together and provides the services required for concurrency, transaction management, threading and messaging. Middleware simplifies the development of applications that leverage services from other applications and databases. 

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Mobile Device Management

Flexible and Secure. Secure and manage your mobile devices that connect to the state network. The service is available for both state-owned devices and devices owned by individual state employees, also referred to as “bring your own device” (BYOD).

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Enterprise Software Bundles

Communicate and Collaborate. The majority of workers in today’s environment have basic communication and collaboration needs that can be served by Enterprise Software Bundles, including email, instant messaging and enhanced collaboration tools.

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Stay Connected. MNIT’s Voice Services provide business quality voice communications and a varied set of related features and capabilities. We set up your own unique number, voicemail, and equipment for your state or remote office.

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Web Management Icon

Web Management

Create and Share. MNIT offers a range of Web Management services for our partners including website development, design, hosting, search, and support.

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Wide Area Network (WAN) Icon

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Gain Access. MNIT’s WAN Services provide secure network connections to state locations. Connecting agency sites to Minnesota’s Network for Enterprise Telecommunications (MNET), the Internet, and to MNIT Enterprise Data Centers. These connections provide access to applications and information essential for day-to-day business.

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