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Requesting access to the MNIT Mall

Minnesota IT Services provides technical support for authorized customers, customer help desks and IT Administrators through the MNIT Mall.

MNIT offers a convenient way for our customers to order and manage services, submit service requests, report incidents and get technical support.

Who can use the MNIT Mall?

The MNIT Mall is available to authorized MNIT customer groups, including:

  • State Agency Help Desks
  • IT Administrators who provide local support for a MNIT hosted service
  • Agency-based CIOs and other Executive Leadership
  • IT Directors
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Telecom Coordinators
  • MNIT Services Employees

New to MNIT Services? Need a user account?

If you are new to MNIT Services, please contact your local Help Desk or IT Administrator to ensure you are in one of the authorized MNIT customer groups listed above.

If you need to request a MNIT User ID and password, please call the MNIT Service Desk at (651) 297-1111.

Questions? Check with your local help desk first.

Please contact your local help desk if you have questions about your organization's Service Desk procedures and access to MNIT.

If you are an end-user and need to report an incident, please contact your local Help Desk or internal IT Administration staff first.

* Please note this service is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and 9. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer 10. *

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