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How to Apply

Minnesota IT Services will not sponsor applicants for work visas. All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the US.

Applying for a position with Minnesota IT Services? Here we have provided some tips that will make the application process easier:

  1. When a job posting you applied for is removed from our website, it does NOT mean that the position has been filled. The removal of the posting simply means we are no longer accepting new applicants. This is when we begin reviewing the candidates.

  2. Our "Minimum Qualifications" are not flexible. In order to be considered for any position with the State of Minnesota, your resume must clearly demonstrate exactly how you meet the minimum qualifications. If you also possess the preferred qualifications, they too should be stated clearly.

  3. Your resume must be laid out chronologically so that we can compare candidates in the most equitable way. Experience-based resumes, lacking a timeline, do not allow for an equal comparison and will not be considered.

Equal Opportunity Employer

MNIT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our Affirmative Action Plan supports our efforts to recruit, hire, support and retain qualified protected group members.

Employment for Veterans

MNIT recognizes the contributions of the men and women who have served the country in uniform. While serving, you learned many of the valuable skills that we need to best serve Minnesotans. Learn more about MNIT's efforts to  recruit and hire veterans.

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