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Partner for Success

With the advent of interconnected systems and the Internet, state government operates in an extremely hostile world. Hacker attacks against state government come from every country, and they never stop. Each day, unscrupulous individuals try to compromise state systems to steal data, shut down vital services, and use our technology infrastructure to launch anonymous attacks against others.

Hacker attack methods evolve daily, forcing security professionals to modify their defenses in a nonstop battle with very high stakes. Success is dependent on threat intelligence. When sophisticated attacks occur, early warning and expert advice can mean the difference between business continuity and catastrophe. Cybersecurity has now evolved into an ecosystem where the success of every organization hinges on timely and actionable threat intelligence.

By using industry intelligence, training the cyber experts of tomorrow, and working with emergency response, MNIT will build the relationships needed to combat cybercrimes now and into the future.


16. Use Strategic Partnerships to Improve Security

This strategy includes involvement in the local and national threat intelligence ecosystem. It also includes the expansion of the state’s threat intelligence ecosystem, incorporating commercial threat intelligence products on the market now.

This strategy includes five specific desired outcomes.

17. Develop a Talent Feeder Program with Higher Education

Continuous partnership with institutions that have cyber programs allows MNIT to show the benefits of working at the state, while also assuring that students have the skills they need to have successful IT careers.

This strategy includes four specific desired outcomes.

18. Provide a Cyber Presence in the State Fusion Center

Fusion Centers bring together response organizations to share intelligence to protect local communities. Fusion Centers have historically been geared towards physical threats, but fusion center leaders recognize that cybersecurity threat actors also pose a major risk to society.

This strategy includes two specific desired outcomes.

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