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Rohit Tandon

Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Security Officer

Rohit has 15 years of experience in the Information Security industry, He started in the field at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota with a focus on building secure electronic health record systems and championed medical device security. 

Before Rohit joined MNIT's efforts as Deputy CISO to protect fellow Minnesotans' data, he served as the Information Security Leader at Strategic Education, Inc. where he assisted in the merger of Capella Education Company and Strayer Education, Inc. His work for the combined post-merger organization included forming the central Information Security department. 

Rohit received a Bachelors degree from Winona State University and an MBA from University of Minnesota.

Rohit's vision as Chief Information Security Officer is that Information Security must guide risk decisions in a faster and less burdensome manner. Speed and agility are now expected from MNIT, and our partners expect us to be responsive and nimble. To scale for the size of state government, we must enable decision-makers to move at their own pace without losing sight of cyber risk as they balance trade-offs. Rohit sees this as an opportunity to build relationships that will let us advise and empower decision-makers, and build trust so we are all prepared for the unforeseen cyber challenges of tomorrow.

Photograph of  Rohit  Tandon
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