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No Mouse Challenge - Thursday, May 17

Perform your job for 15 minutes without using your mouse

Why is this important?

Using keyboard-only commands is a good, quick accessibility test. If a document, application or system cannot support mouse-less operation, it may not support assistive technology or accessibility tools.

In addition, keyboard shortcuts often allow you to more efficiently perform tasks. Try these shortcuts to help you during the challenge.

What was it like to use only your keyboard?

Once you finished your challenge, check out the Global Accessibility Awareness Day events listed below, and tell us about your experience.

To learn more about accessibility visit the Office of Accessibility site at

Illustration of a computer mouse under a circle with a line through it.

May 17 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

(or GAAD for short)

There are events throughout the globe. Check out the calendar for events near you as well as those you can attend online.

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