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Captioning Tips

  • These tips and links to resources are based on the content developed for the online and classroom course Captioning Essentials,
  • The course is free and an excellent source of resources.
  • Click My Syllabus for a list of pages/topics. For example, Caption File Formats is listed under Module 2.
  • The resources section of this course contains most of the links to captioning programs and other resources referenced in the presentation:
  • In addition, the course provides a fairly extensive glossary, including common terms such as CART, caption file format extensions and links to the file types and other relevant information:


  • Captioning: the textual display of aural information on video
  • SDH: subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Legal Info



The Minnesota accessibility standard implements both Section 508 and the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.


Live/Realtime Captioning

Search for a live captioning provider: visit the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) website then click the Professional Directory link at the very top right of the page.

Captioning web services, such as encoding for CART and other displays of live captions (most realtime captioners may handle the contracting for you):

Recorded/Offline Captioning

Note most of these links plus short descriptions are also available on the Captioning Essentials Resources page. So Ive just listed a few top resources here.

Web-based tools

Software tools

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