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Video Resources

Institutions to Independence

Institutions to Independence

"Institutions to Independence" is a 30 minute documentary produced by TPT (public television) in cooperation with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, the law firm of Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities, and Government Training Services. This documentary tells the story of services in Minnesota from the 1860s into the 21st Century through the telling of stories of people with developmental disabilities, families, and professionals.

Independence to Inclusion

"Independence to Inclusion" is the followup documentary to Institutions to Independence, also a co-production with TPT Public Television. Delivery systems provide services and supports, the means by which people with developmental disabilities can achieve greater independence, productivity, self determination, integration and inclusion in the community. But inclusion is more. Inclusion involves active participation with people without disabilities, using a range of services and supports to make that possible – in school, in the workplace, in the community.

New Hampshire Leadership Series

An overview of the leadership training program that New Hampshire offers, based on the Partners in Policymaking® program.

Capabilities Chronicles

Capabilities Chronicles

Jessica Fleckenstein, North Dakota Partners in Policymaking graduate, and Celane McWhorter, presenter, talk about the Partners leadership training program - how it started, and the benefits and learning experiences of participants

In a series of video interviews, Class 31 and Class 32 Partners graduates speak about the impact of their Partners experience, and the knowledge and skills they each personally gained during the program year:

Somali-American Shares about Minnesota Partners in Policymaking:
Tammy Hausken:
Ticiea Fletcher:
Elva Leon (Spanish with English subtitles):
Renee Feist:
Kirsten Grunnet:
Zachary Johnson: