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Public Policy Action Center

State/Local Disability Policy Information

You may already have information on legislation or issues that are of interest to you in your State or local area. If so, skip “Getting Basic Information,” and go to “Getting the Latest Information” below.

Getting Basic Information

Want to know what legislation or issues are important to people with disabilities and their families in your State? Chances are your State programs funded under the Developmental Disabilities Act are following these issues. Here's a way to contact them quickly:

Locate Your State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Locate Your State's Protection and Advocacy System, then go to “Consumers,” then go to “Get help in your State,” and select your State.

Locate Your State's University Center(s) for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Getting the Latest Information

Here are two different Web sites that will help you to get to your State government's home page. Either one will get you there. Two are provided in case one of them is overly busy.

Once you reach your State's home page, you can go to whatever branch of government you wish (e.g. “legislative” for information on bills, “executive” for information on agencies, regulations, etc.). An added “bonus” on many State sites is that you can also get many forms you need, renew your driver's license, etc. In addition, many of the State sites contain links to regional, county, city, and town government sites, so you can become as involved as you want at all levels of government. All the best, partners!

State and Local Government on the Net

Library of Congress: State Government Information

Get Federal Information