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Curriculum Highlights


Each topic presented includes:

  • Competencies
  • Why This Topic Is Important - An overview of the issues involved.
  • Concept Highlights - A quick review of the important points to be covered.
  • Concepts - Ideas, suggestions, and points that will be covered in the session about the topic.
  • Vision for 2020 - Some ideas about how the world should work and what it should look like.

Partners has allowed me to dream dream about my son the way all parents dream about their children. Partners has showed me how I can change and must be a part of change in our society as we build a system that includes all people.

- Parent from Illinois

This section provides an overview of the topic areas that are the foundation of the Partners in Policymaking leadership training program. Each Partners coordinator will provide a set of readings and handouts for each session. Concept highlights are for Partners who may have difficulty with reading/comprehension.

Successful completion of the program will give Partners graduates these competencies: