Toni Lippert (Part 1)

Toni Lippert speaks of her work at the Metropolitan Council as the Regional Planner for Developmental Disabilities

Special Education for All

(Run time 1:15)

Proliferation of special education funding has really swerved a lot of the focus to people who are more able than say, the kind of person my daughter is, who was the most severely disabled.

And a lot of the demonstration projects all focused on this higher-functioning type of person. And this is why I think the development disabilities project/program and funding is so important, that people with… children like Mary, who have multiple problems, demand the same kind of attention and funding and programming and new ideas for their children, too.

I don't think any of the children will be… today will be… although more and more are being kept alive… are going to be as held back or develop the problems that the people who were institutionalized have.