Lyle Wray (Part 1)

Served as the first court appointed monitor for the Welsch Case.

(Run time 1:25)

I think the situation had dramatically improved from the 1960s. Massive increase in staffing, massively increased budgets, a lot of basic things on sanitation, on housing and so on had been improved, clothing, and so forth. Having said that, it was still common practice to use physical or chemical restraints for behavior problems that were largely a result of being around other people with behavior problems.

An institution is an institution is an institution. And so these were not very homelike settings. Even if you put a TV in, and turn it on, it is still not a home. So yes, there had been a lot of improvement. I would not want to take that away, but they were not really community settings. They were far away from urban centers. They were away from families, they were away from community involvement. They were capital "I" institutions nevertheless.

As systems move, this is a pretty big change. I don't think the K-12 system has moved at this kind of rate or higher ed. system. I mean this has been a big, big change. Being an analogous to getting rid of all universities and putting everything online in the community. I mean it is just not going to happen. It is a very big change. Thirty years, we have got to remember, is you know a blink of an eyelash in bureaucratic time.It is not a lot of time to make a change as big as we are talking about here.