Len Levine (Part 3)

Served as Commissioner of the Department of Human Services and worked on the transition to State-Operated Community Services

The Administration on Developmental Disabilities Awards the Radisson Hotel an Employment Award

(Run time 1:51)

And I'll always remember, as long as I live, I was so touched that it brought tears to my eyes when everyplace we went around the state when I was Commissioner of Human Services, we always stopped at a facility or at a business that… where there were people who were developmentally disabled.

And I remember one day we stopped at the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. And there was a young woman who was wiping the glass on the doors, on the glass on the doors with such pride in her work. We were there, and, you know, there were press there and the people from the hotel, and it was a big thing. The Governor had come there.

And I noticed over on the side this young woman wiping and cleaning and cleaning the brass handles. And then the manager of the hotel said, "That woman is mentally retarded. She never has missed a day of work. She loves her job."

And we went over there and we talked to her, and she went up to the Governor and she said, "I love my work. This is my whole life." And I looked over at him, and, I mean, I had tears in my eyes and there were tears actually coming down his face.

So you work with somebody like that, it's an inspiration and makes it easier to move the troops and get the people in the community working. And so I'm just proud of the fact that I was part of an administration that was able to do this and that I played a part in it. And today, looking back, life is better for a lot of people.