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This statement from Philadelphia about its range of services is an example of how the Waiver shaped services over time. This pattern illustrates how community living alternatives developed alongside of on-going ICFs/MR services.

Home Based Supports. Services and supports are provided for an individual in his/her natural home. The type of support is tailored to the individual's need. Examples of this service include:

Therapy and Respite.

An individual may also receive "day time" services, including Employment supports. Funding for these services is through the In-Home Waiver.

Family/Companion Living
(Also known as Life Sharing).

An individual receives services and supports as an integral part of a caring family, though not with natural parents.

The family home is licensed, the family receives training and the agency provides supports to the individual and the family through the program specialist.

Waiver funding is used to support individuals in Family / Companion Living.

Photo courtesy Ann Marsden