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Rehabilitation programs for adults were increasingly available in the community.

The major approach to family support in the 1950s was parent counseling. According to the President's Panel on Mental Retardation in 1962, "Parent counseling is now being provided by private physicians, clinic staffs, social workers, nurses, psychologists, and school personnel. Although this service is still in an experimental stage of development, it offers bright prospects for helping parents to meet their social and emotional problems."

The major alternative to life in the family, however, was not in the community. In 1940, approximately 100,000 people lived in institutions.

Parent Counseling
Photo courtesy William Bronston, M.D.

Ray Stewart of WOI-TV Ames, Iowa, along with Iowa State University, produced "In Our Care," a 13 week series of documentaries filmed inside Iowa's state institutions. The series won the 1952 National Sylvania Television Award for Production Excellence. Eight films, about 30 minutes each, were selected for posting.

Biography of Ray Stewart