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A real home is a place to live the most personal moments of our lives. A home provides security and comfort, allows us to make choices and express ourselves. The people who share our homes are usually the people with whom we choose to spend time, be ourselves and feel close.

Real learning is life long. It means learning to understand ourselves. Learning involves developing skills which are useful to us both as individuals and as members of communities. The people with whom we learn are also teachers. Many become friends we can count on through our lives.

Real work means earning a living, being productive and making a contribution to our community. The relationships we develop with the people with whom we work are important to us.

Having a home, learning and working - each involves us as members of a community who both receive the support of others and make contributions to the community. Each involves us in the continuing process of individual growth and expression. Each involves us in developing relationships.

Having a real friend means being involved with someone who chooses to spend time with you just because they want to and not because they are paid to do so. Real friends broaden our opportunities and enrich our lives. Real friends are hard to find. It takes most of us a long time through contact with many different people to find that small group of friends who really matter. Opportunities that lead to friendships are essential.