Meet the Future Face of Technology - Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology FieldsMeet the Future Face of Technology - Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology Fields

Resources and Links

Top 10 Actions for Educators Information and resources about education and technology, and digital literacy to better prepare students for successful employment and future careers in the digital age.
Top 10 Actions for Employers Increase your awareness and understanding about individuals with autism spectrum disorder, and how, together, you can be successful in a digital economy.
Top 10 Actions for Vocational Rehabilitation Services Specific actions and resources to help VRS staff help individuals with autism spectrum disorder find the best jobs with the right accommodations, and careers in the digital age.
Top 10 Actions that Individuals and Families Can Take Resources and opportunities, tips and tools to supplement and enhance the secondary education experience, and better plan for jobs and careers in a digital economy.
Additional Information About WOW People Savant Syndrome Condition at the Wisconsin Medical Society
America's Career InfoNet CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.
The Autism Society of Minnesota The Autism Society of Minnesota is comprised of families, educators, care givers, and professionals all committed to supporting individual with autism spectrum disorder through education support, collaboration, and advocacy.
California Legislation: Assembly Bill No. 2471: ab-2471.pdf
Camp Campus Faculty from UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout, and Chippewa Valley Technical College serve as mentors at Camp Campus, a week long experience for young adults to help participants make a successful transition to college.
Casey Life Skills Assessment These assessments evaluate the life skills of youths and young adults. They are completed online and automatically scored within seconds.
College Autism Spectrum Brochure: College Autism Spectrum (CAS) is an independent organization of professionals whose purpose is to assist students with autism spectrum disorders, and their families.
Colorado State University Addresses Autistic Student's Struggles Colorado State University is attuned to and meeting the needs of students with autism who are enrolling in post-secondary education programs in increasing numbers.
Digital Literacy Pathways Report Digital Literacy Pathways in California, ICT Leadership Council Action Plan Report, January 8, 2010
Economic Impact - MPAA Economic Impact of the Motion Picture & Television Industry on the United States (April 2009)
Entertainment Software Association America's entertainment software industry creates a wide array of computer and video games to meet the demands and tastes of audiences as diverse as our nation's population.
eSchool News Technology News for Today's K-20 Educator
Expanding Employment and Career Options Allan Bergman, consultant with High Impact in Illinois, prepared a policy paper, "Expanding Employment and Career Options for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum in 21st Century Digital Media and Communications Technology." This policy paper addresses ongoing issues related to increased employment and career opportunities that, in spite of numerous federal laws and funding, have yet to be realized.
FingerReader The FingerReader is a wearable device that assists in reading printed text. It is a tool both for visually impaired people that require help with accessing printed text, as well as an aid for language translation.
Google Glass Google Glass Aids NJ Woman with Disability
Horizons Report This report discusses the impact of emerging technologies on higher education from both a learning and teaching perspective, and the time frame for adopting these new technologies.
Institute for New Media Studies
The Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota is a center for creation, innovation, and examination of content and messages and the effects of new media technologies and techniques on forms and functions.
ICT Digital Literacy California ICT Digital Literacy Assessments and Curriculum Framework
List of Minnesota Colleges 09-MNC-DQ.pdf
Macalester College Computer Camps Macalester College offers a variety of cutting-edge summer camp courses for kids and teens including video game design, Flash animation, programming, video editing, and more.
Microsoft Career Portal Microsoft has created a "career portal" to learn about jobs and careers in the IT field, how to obtain Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status, and training and certification resources.
MN DD Council Research GCDD Public Opinion Poll: Youth and IT Focus Group Results
National Standards Report The National Standards Project Books on autism and employment.
Partnership for 21st Century Skills A national coalition has released a Framework for State Action on Global Education, a comprehensive strategy to ensure that students are prepared for work and life in the 21st Century.
Perpich Center for Arts Education The Perpich Center for Arts Education strengthens the arts education community, and improves access to high quality arts experiences to students statewide.
Positively Minnesota Positively Minnesota: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
Pranav Mistry's Sixth Sense Blog Pranav Mistry is the MIT grad student behind Sixth Sense, a tool that connects the physical world with the world of data.
Social Emotional Sensing Toolkit (MIT) The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory (ML), in collaboration with the Groden Center, is developing novel wearable, in situ social-emotional technology that helps individuals with ASD acquire an affinity for the social domain and improve their overall social communication abilities.
Talent Scout A guide for businesses that may already include employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in their workforce or businesses that are hiring in positions that may include individuals with ASD. Eight sections address various aspects of the employment process; recommendations that both businesses and employees with ASD can consider to address challenges in the workplace are also included.
Transition to Adulthood Guides The Ohio Center for Systems Change has created a series of guides to assist individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their education team members through the transition process; and address issues related to employment, postsecondary education, and adult living.

Using iPods to Assist Workers with Autism

A five year Virginia Commonwealth University study, "PDA-Enabled Job Support for People with Autism," is investigating the use of this technology and specific applications to help with navigating the work day, and providing cues and prompts for job duties. PDF Version
Virtual Schools Minnesota offers resident students the opportunity to take online public school courses for free.
Wilostar 3D Virtual Education WiloStar3D is a unique interactive online homeschooling program that is pioneering the use of 3D virtual worlds for K- 12 education.
World of Work Changes iseek: Gartner Says the World of Work Will Witness 10 Changes During the Next 10 Years
Youth Media Reporter The Professional Journal of the Youth Media Field, 2007