Meet the Future Face of Technology - Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology FieldsMeet the Future Face of Technology - Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology Fields

Supporting Minnesotans with ASD to Get Jobs in Technology Fields

High Schools and Students in Transition

Perpich Center for Arts Education

Businesses hire people with college degrees, paid work experience, and certifications. In order to be hired in the traditional way, individuals on the autism spectrum must attend high schools that will prepare them for college. Here is a sample of schools that will assist individuals on the spectrum to prepare for college. The Perpich Center for Arts Education makes the following promise: If a student is admitted to the Perpich Center for Arts Education the school is committed to assuring the student will go onto college and into a career.

Perpich Center

The Perpich Center for Arts Education:

Student on Career Path in the Arts, But Not Sure Which One

Malcolm Roach
Malcolm Roach

He's a young man on the move, almost constantly, but although the final goal hasn't been established he's making steady progress.  Minneapolis college student Malcolm Roach is now appearing on stage in St. Paul in a play focusing on a mother raising a son with Asperger's, a subject he knows well.  While Roach is the narrator in "Autistic License," and doesn't have many lines, he's on stage for the entire production.  "I'm there, but I'm not intruding or anything," he observes.

Roach, currently a freshman at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), is a graduate of the Perpich Center for Arts Education, a state school in Golden Valley that he credits with reinforcing his desire for a future in the arts sphere. Once he completes his studies at MCTC, he plans to earn his bachelor's degree at the Minneapolis College of Arts and Design (MCAD).
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Roosevelt High School's Digital Media Studies Program (DigME)

Roosevelt High School's Digital Media Studies Program (DigME) is the first of its kind for high schools in the area, providing students with a cutting-edge interdisciplinary curriculum that adapts digital media technologies for critical analysis and hands-on learning in the 21st Century classroom.

CEHD News: Lewis leads partnership with Roosevelt High School's DigME program archives:

Virtual Schools

Virtual Schools provides access to online learning environments that can be collaborative and self paced. This environment can facilitate development of 21st Century skills. For individuals with ASD, virtual schools provide an alternative to traditional classrooms with high quality courses, certified instructors, proven technology, constant support, and offer a pathway to college.

Virtual Schools:

Wilostar 3D Virtual Education:

Wilostar Campus

Transition Student on a Math and Science Career Path

Jason Barnett
Jacob Barnett is attending Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, taking classes a few days a week. His field of study is math and astrophysics, he's at the top of his class, and other students seek him out with questions about class assignments. Jacob is also just 13 years old.