Meet the Future Face of Technology - Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology FieldsMeet the Future Face of Technology - Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Technology Fields

The Digital Economy

and why people on the autism spectrum must be included

California Creates

The challenge of digital literacy for all individuals is how to expand the quality and possibilities of sharing, discovering, applying information, growing skills and being engaged with communities.

"We are at a crossroad. A place in space and time that requires new new thinking, new vision and a new direction in the digital world."

William Bronston, MD


California Creates

The Future is Now: An Orientation to the Relevance of Digital Media Arts and Communications

The challenges faced by every state to be competitive in a digital economy also apply to people with ASD. Dr. Bronston has written this challenge to all people in the field of developmental disabilities in preparing youth for employment in the 21st Century.


The Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025

The Pew Research Center Internet Project has just released a Report entitled The Internet of things Will thrive by 2025. This is the latest in a series of eight reports that will be issued this year to mark the 25th Anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web. This report contains an analysis of expert opinions and predictions about the future of topics such as privacy, cybersecurity, and net neutrality; and views about the evolution of embedded and wearable computing.


Cognitopia was founded by Tom Keating and family members for the purpose of creating digital tools to support individuals with autism. Apps are designed to support self management and executive functioning – skills that help people plan, organize, remember things, prioritize, pay attention, get started on tasks, and use past experiences to solve current problems – all of which can be job related and challenging for individuals with autism. Cognitopia will soon launch a beta testing program for Goal Guide, an app to help people set goals, organize tasks, track progress, and share accomplishments.

News Coverage of Autism as an Asset in Employment

According to national press coverage, "A quiet movement is growing around the globe to help transform the unique attributes of people with ASD into sought after job skills." Individuals with ASD pay intense attention to detail, have single-minded focus and a willingness to work on something repetitively until perfect.


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