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2021 Minnesota Advantage Health Plan Clinic Directory - Search for a clinic

This is the clinic directory for calendar year 2021. Use this directory to look up a clinic's cost level for 2021. To search for a clinic's cost level placement for 2020, go to the 2020 Clinic Directory.

Important note: primary care clinics can change cost levels each year, which affects how much you pay out-of-pocket. View the 2021 schedule of benefits here.

The clinic directory includes only primary care clinics and clinics with pediatricians. For information on specific doctors or specialists (including OB/GYNs, chiropractors, mental health providers, and others) use the links at the lower right of this page to go to the health plan directories.

To find a clinic, enter your desired criteria in the fields below. The search results will list matching clinics—including address, cost level, and clinic number—and will change based on the number of fields you enter. All fields do not have to be completed. Once you have identified the clinic you would like to enroll in, use the clinic number on your enrollment forms.

Note: An "n/a" will appear under the Level heading if the clinic is not associated with the particular health plan.


Visit MN Community Measurement at  www.mnhealthscores.org to see how over 700 clinics around the state compare on quality.


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