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Be Informed

Check the following links for helpful information regarding the plan.

$500 Carryover FAQs

Flexible Spending Accounts

Notice of Privacy Practices

Federal COBRA Notice


Using The Debit/Benny Card

Debit Card FAQs

Transit Expense Plan

Tennessen Warning - The Tennessen notice explains why MMB/SEGIP may request information, the employee's obligation to provide information, how data will be used and who may view the data that is collected.


There are submission deadlines for the pre-tax accounts. The submission deadlines are listed in the Flexible Benefits and Transit Expense Plan Summary located on the 121 Benefits website, Reimbursement requests that are postmarked, faxed, uploaded to the 121 Benefits portal, or hand delivered after the deadline will not be processed and any money remaining in your account will be forfeited.

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