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Open Enrollment Life, Disability, and Manager’s Income Protection Plan Information

Changes you can make to your medical insurance during Open Enrollment:

  • Add optional child life insurance
  • Add or increase your employee and/or spouse optional life insurance:
Your current amount of coverage Amount you can increase your coverage without evidence of good health
$0 - $35,000 $5,000
$40,000-$55,000 $10,000
$60,000-$75,000 $15,000
$80,000-95,000 $20,000
$100,000 or more $25,000

Long Term Disability

Enroll in or increase your amount of Long Term disability coverage.

  • You can enroll in increments of $100
  • The minimum LTD election is $300 per month and the maximum allowed is 60% of your gross monthly salary. 


Manager's Income Protection Plan (IPP)

Reduce your elimination period by 30 days without evidence of good health.


2018  2019
Optional Life Rates 
Long Term Disability Rates 
IPP Rates
Optional Life Rates
Long Term Disability Rates
IPP Rates
IPP Calculation Sheet

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