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How to Complete Your 2018 Open Enrollment


1. Check your Primary Care Clinic.

  • Cost level. Primary Care Clinics can change cost levels each year, which affects how much you pay out-of-pocket (view the 2018 schedule of benefits here). During every Open Enrollment we recommend you check the cost level of your clinic for the following year. Click here to search the 2018 directory for your Primary Care Clinic. Also remember the following:
    • Another MN Advantage Health Plan carrier ( BlueCross, HealthPartners, PreferredOne) may offer your PCC at a lower cost level.
    • You can also change your Primary Care Clinic, even outside of Open Enrollment. Call your carrier directly to do so.
    • Make note of the Primary Care Clinic number, as you will need it when electing a new carrier or changing clinics within your existing carrier. Primary Care Clinic numbers will be different under each carrier.
  • Quality rating. The quality of health care can vary across providers. Minnesota Community Measurement is a local organization that provides quality ratings for Primary Care Clinics in the state. To review yours, go to their website at

2. Complete your health assessment. 

  • Save money and take a step towards improving your health. Complete the assessment and agree to receive a follow-up phone call to save $5 on office visit copays for you and your covered dependents in 2018. It's your gateway to a host of wellness programs offered through StayWell. 
  • Enroll in the wellness program. Pick a StayWell program of your choice. No strings attached, you get the $5 saving for taking the assessment even if you do not enroll in a program.
  • To take the health assessment. Log in with the same user name and password you used last year. If you forgot your user name or password, click Forgot User Name or Forgot Password and get started. 
  • New users. Click Create My Account Now! and follow the instructions. 

3. Enroll or make benefit changes. 

  • Go to Employee Self Service to make your enrollment elections.
  • Log in with your employee ID number and password. Don't have your ID number? Contact your HR office, or locate it on the mailing label of the Open Enrollment newsletter mailed to your home in early October.
  • Make your elections. The Employee Self Service system will guide you through the process. 
  • Enroll a dependent. 
    • You will need the dependent’s Social Security Number and Primary Care Clinic number. 
    • After Open Enrollment, SEGIP will send you instructions on how to verify the eligibility of your newly enrolled dependents. Verification must be submitted by December 13, 2017. Dependents are not enrolled until they are verified (even if they receive a membership card).
  • Waive medical coverage. New this year, is the ability for all employees enrolled in medical coverage other than SEGIP to waive the SEGIP medical coverage.
    • If you receive the full employer contribution. Waive by submitting a Waiver of Medical Coverage form and providing proof of other coverage. 
      • The electronic enrollment system requires you to be enrolled in medical coverage when you complete your electronic enrollment. Once you submit your form and proof of other coverage, SEGIP staff will remove you from medical coverage. 
    • If you receive a partial employer contribution. You waive by simply not enrolling. You do not need to complete a form or submit proof of other coverage. If you receive a partial employer contribution and are currently enrolled in coverage, Open Enrollment is the time to waive coverage.
      • Don't know what level of employer contribution you receive? Contact your HR office.
    • Waiving coverage for your spouse or dependents. You may waive medical coverage for your spouse or dependents by either not enrolling them or dropping their coverage. No need to complete a form or provide proof of other coverage. You are prohibited by law from dropping them in anticipation of a divorce.
    • When you want your medical coverage back after you have waived it. You may enroll in medical coverage during any annual Open Enrollment period or upon a qualified life event (provided you continue employment in an insurance eligible position).
  • Complete your election. Your enrollment is not finished until you click Accept. You will know you have finished when you reach the Confirmation Statement.
  • Deadline. You must complete your election and click on Accept no later than 11:59 p.m. on November 8, 2017. If you miss this deadline, your elections will not be made and you will be unable to make a new election until the next Open Enrollment or upon a qualified life event.

4. After Open Enrollment. 

  • Membership cards. Different vendors have different card replacement schedules. A new member card will be mailed to your home: 
    • All enrollees: CVS/caremark, HealthPartners, BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, Delta Dental, and HealthPartners Dental.
    • Newly enrolled members, and existing members, who changed their clinic or cost level: PreferredOne.
    • Members who are newly enrolled in an MDEA, HRA, BVEA, and those whose Benny card expires on December 31, 2017: 121 Benefits.
  • Verify newly enrolled dependents. After Open Enrollment, SEGIP will send you instructions on how to verify the eligibility of your newly enrolled dependents. Verification must be submitted to SEGIP by December 13, 2017. Dependents are not enrolled until they are verified (even if they receive a membership card).

5. Enjoy your benefits.

  •  Benefits take effect:
    • On January 1, 2018: Medical, dental, life insurance increases (up to allowed amounts specified during Open Enrollment), short-term disability, long term disability, Manager’s Life decreases to elimination period, and pre-tax spending accounts.
    • Upon completion of medical review: Life insurance over the specified amount requires proof of good health. The carrier will process your request when it receives your proof of good health. Your election becomes effective  when it is approved by the carrier. You will know it is approved and effective when you see the deductions being taken from your paycheck. 
  • Take a StayWell wellness class: 
    • Get started with the Daily Dash: Participate in five-minute, mini challenges to help build healthy habits to move more, eat well, stress less and sleep tight. With small, attainable goals, you can dash your way to improved well-being. 
    • Achieve your goals with Self-Directed Coaching: StayWell’s online, do-it-yourself coaching program helps you set a health goal, identify the challenges you’ll face as you work toward that goal, and figure out how to overcome the hurdles along the way. 
    • Talk to an expert health coach: With the support of your coach, you’ll develop an action plan tailored specifically to you. You can talk with a coach by phone as often as you need. Typically, people connect with their coach about once a month for 15 minutes. 
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