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As a prospective retiree, you have the option to continue most of your insurance coverages through the State Employee Group Insurance Program. The following is a summary of your options.

There are two types of retirees:

  • Regular retiree: age 65 or over, and entitled to receive a retirement annuity based upon years of service.

  • Early retiree: under age 65 at time of retirement, has five years of allowable pension service or meets the service requirement of the collective bargaining agreement or plan, whichever is greater, and is entitled at the time of retirement to immediately receive a retirement annuity under a retirement program sponsored by the state or such organization of the state, or at least 50 years of age with at least 15 years of state service.

You must make a decision at the time you retire whether you want to continue your insurance coverage. If you choose not to continue coverage, you cannot enroll at any time in the future.

Map Your Retirement Benefits

Considering retirement? Use these roadmaps to begin exploring your retirement opportunities.

Elect Your Benefits

Gather forms and resources for completing your retirement elections.

Be Informed

Find important information and notices regarding retirement benefits.

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