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Elect Your Benefits

If you are a new or rehired employee and you have reviewed the benefits information and are now ready to make your benefit elections, go to the State Employee Self Service site at Your agency Human Resource representative will provide you with your 8-digit employee ID #. This is your user id. You will also be provided a temporary password. Click "Sign in". On the main menu, go to "Benefits" and then to "Benefits Enrollment". Employees who are newly insurance eligible due a change in job status will enroll using a paper personal enrollment form that will be mailed to your home address.
New employees, rehired employees and newly insurance eligible employees should be aware there is a deadline to enroll. Your personal enrollment letter and union contract as well as the links below provide information on your enrollment deadline, or you may contact SEGIP at 651-355-0100 if you need assistance, or refer back to the "Get Started" page for information.
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