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Medical Insurance

MN Advantage Health plan contracts with three medical plan administrators; Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN, Health Partners or PreferredOne. You must choose a plan administrator and a Primary Care Clinic (PCC). There are out-of-pocket cost levels associated with your PCC. The Advantage Clinic Directory allows you to search a list of participating clinics in order to help you make select a plan administrator, a PCC and a cost level. For information on out-of-pocket costs, go to "Your Employee Benefits" on the "Get Started" page.
The MMB website also provides links to more detailed online provider directories of our three MN Advantage Plan administrators; Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN, Health Partners, and Preferred One. To visit the plan administrator web sites go to the "Get Started" page where you will find "Insurance Carrier Contacts" that will connect you to contact information for all of our MN Advantage Plan administrators.
If you have questions about access to a specific doctor or other medical provider, a specific clinic, hospital or care facility, you must call the plan administrator directly. Each plan administrator offers a National Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) for SEGIP members whose permanent residence is outside the State of Minnesota. The PPO is also available for students and employees while in travel status out of the State of Minnesota. Urgent and emergency care is also available to all SEGIP members regardless of location.

Clinics to Choose From

MN Advantage Health Plan administrators, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN, Health Partners, and Preferred One, each contract with a network of Primary Care Clinics (PCC) and specialty care providers. "Clinics to Choose From" will provide you with the PCC number that you will need in order to enroll. Click on the link below to access the Advantage Clinic Directory. To ask questions about a specific clinic, call the plan administrator directly. Contact information for each plan administrator is located on the "Get Started" page.

Convenience Clinics

Convenience care clinics are available in some areas. Convenience clinics provide a cost-effective alternative to emergency rooms, urgent care, and family practice clinics when used for simple illnesses, tests, and vaccinations. Each clinic is staffed by a certified family nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Appointments are not required. The co-pay for convenience care is $10 regardless of the cost level of you Primary Care Clinic. The first dollar deductible is waived for convenience care. Information on convenience care clinics and locations is available through the link below or by calling your plan administrator's member services department, contact information found on the "Get Started" page.
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