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Former Employees With Disabilities (FEWD)

How can you determine if you will leave employment as a retiree versus a Former Employee With Disabilities (FEWD)?

If you have been on medical leave for more than six months, you may have the option to continue health and/or dental coverage in SEGIP as a FEWD or as a retiree. You must weigh the option of continuing coverage as a FEWD or as a retiree. It is usually to your benefit to select the retirement benefit for insurance purposes. You must make the decision to retire while on medical leave. It is important to realize that your decision to leave employment as either a retiree or FEWD will not dictate which pension benefit you are eligible to receive. To determine your continuation status as a disabled employee, or for more information, contact your human resources department or a SEGIP representative.

FEWD Booklet

Disability Brochure

Medical Rates

Dental Rates

MN Advantage Health Insurance Information

Pharmacy Benefits - CVS Caremark (as of 1/1/18)

Qualified Life Events

Submitting Personal Data

Notice of Health Data Privacy Practices

Notice of Creditable Coverage

Disability Waiver Process - MN State Statute 62A. 148 and the collective bargaining agreements/plans allow certain totally disabled employees to continue health and dental coverage in SEGIP. To begin the process, an employee who has been on medical leave for six months or more, and does not expect to return to employment, must notify SEGIP.
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