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Three Years Or More Of State Service

If you are a classified employee who receives an Employer Contribution, who has three (3) or more years of continuous service, and who has been laid off, you may be eligible to continue to receive an Employer Contribution for insurance for six (6) months from the date of layoff. During this six month period, the state will continue to contribute the Employer's Contribution toward the premium, and you will be billed by Minnesota Management & Budget for any premium cost that you now incur for these coverages.

Basic Coverage

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Basic life insurance

At the end of the 6 month period, you will have the option to continue health and dental coverage for an additional 12 months at your own expense (the state will no longer contribute). Basic life insurance may also be continued for an additional 12 months at your own expense. After 12 months you may convert any health or life insurance which you continued to an individual policy at your own cost. To convert your coverage, call your health plan for conversion coverage and rates, and call Ochs, Inc. to get conversion rates for your life insurance.

If you choose not to continue your SEGIP coverage at the time of your layoff, your dependents have the option to continue health and/or dental insurance for a maximum of 18 months at their own expense. There is no employer contribution towards this coverage.

Optional Coverage

  • Employee, Spouse & Child Optional Life
  • Employee and Spouse Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Short and Long Term Disability (STD and LTD)
  • Pre-Tax Medical Dental Expense Account
  • Long-term Care Coverage

You may elect to continue any optional employee and dependent life insurance for up to 18 months. Continuation of coverage would be at your own expense. After 18 months you may convert any life insurance which you continued to an individual policy at your own cost.

You also have the option to continue your short or long term disability for 18 months or lapse coverage. If an employee returns to work within one year and a return to work enrollment form is completed within thirty days following their return to work, then, the disability plans will be reinstated without evidence of insurability. However, for the first 24 months of long term disability insurance after such a period during which the coverage was discontinued, any such disability coverage shall exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions which occurred, was diagnosed, or for which medical care was received during that period. If you choose to continue your disability coverage you may do so at your own expense. However, you may not collect on a claim while you are on layoff.

You may not continue your employee or spouse accidental death and dismemberment.

You may continue your Long-Term Care Insurance. CNA will contact you with information on continuing payment of premium. CNA's phone number is 888-653-9600.

You may elect to continue coverage in the Medical/Dental Expense Account and make after-tax contributions until the end of the calendar year. This choice may be appropriate if you have already contributed to this account and expect to incur expenses during this time.

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