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What You Need To Know About Insurance At Layoff

If you are laid off, you may continue most of the insurance coverage that you currently have. The benefit is slightly different based on your employment status and years of service. We have outlined three scenarios and the benefit available for each.

Note: If you are being laid off and meet the eligibility requirements to continue insurance as a retiree, contact your agency's Human Resource Office. You must make your decision to retire within 30 days of when you leave employment. If you select the retirement benefit, you may also receive some layoff benefits, such as the employer contribution for 6 months (see below to determine if you qualify). Electing retirement will, however, remove your name from Layoff Lists.

To learn more about your retirement benefit and qualifications for retirement, consult your union agreement/plan. More information on your insurance benefit as a retiree.

Three Years Or More Of State Service

If you are a classified employee who receives an Employer Contribution, who has three (3) or more years of continuous service, and who has been laid off, find out your options.

Less Than Three Years Of State Service

If you are currently enrolled in the State Employee Group Insurance Program, receiving state-paid coverage and have less than three years of continuous service, find out your options.

If Your Appointment Ends Or You Terminate Employment

If you are currently enrolled in the insurance program receiving state-paid coverage find out your options.

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