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Choose Your Clinic


The Minnesota Advantage Health Plan Clinic Directory includes only primary care clinics and clinics with pediatricians. For information on specific doctors or specialists (including OB/GYNs, chiropractors, mental health providers, and others) use the hot links below to the health plan directories.


Each dental plan has a network of dentists and, in some cases, preferred specialists through which you receive in network care.

Clinics to Choose From

MN Advantage Health Plan administrators, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN, Health Partners, and Preferred One, each contract with a network of Primary Care Clinics (PCC) and specialty care providers. “Clinics to Choose From” will provide you with the PCC number that you will need in order to enroll. Click on the link below to access the Advantage Clinic Directory. To ask questions about a specific clinic, call the plan administrator directly. Contact information for each plan administrator is located on the “Get Started” page.
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