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Former Employees With Disabilities (FEWD)

Once SEGIP determines that an employee may be eligible for the FEWD Group, SEGIP notifies the employee and gives them directions on how to apply for continuation of insurance, as well as life and disability premium waivers. MN Life Insurance Policy and the Hartford Long Term Disability Certificate allow premium waivers for certain totally disabled employees. Employees are eligible to waive premiums for all active and currently paid life coverages until the age of 70.

FEWD Booklet - Before each new Open Enrollment period a FEWD Booklet is published and mailed out to current FEWD members describing the options for the upcoming plan year and how to make any changes to their coverage if a member wishes to do so.

Disability Brochure - The Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) and SEGIP have partnered to publish a comprehensive brochure that will help guide you through the options available when faced with the decision to retire or to separate as a former employee with disability.

Disability Waiver Process - MN State Statute 62A. 148 and the collective bargaining agreements/plans allow certain totally disabled employees to continue health and dental coverage in SEGIP. To begin the process, an employee who has been on medical leave for six months or more, and does not expect to return to employment, must notify SEGIP.

Post Retirement Benefit - $250 - As stated in statute, employees who separate from state service and who, at the time of separation are insurance eligible and entitled to immediately receive an annuity under a State retirement program, shall be entitled to a contribution of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) to the Minnesota State Retirement System's (MSRS) Health Care Savings Plan. The previous $500 benefit is no longer available effective January 1, 2008.

Post Retirement Benefit - $500 - The previous $500 benefit is no longer available effective January 1, 2008. Employees who elected this benefit before January 1, 2008 will have continuing coverage.

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