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The Value of Employer Support

Leaders know that good employee health reduces absences, improves productivity, reduces injury, and builds team resilience and morale. When the leader gets behind the initiative, things begin to change. 

Employer support for employee wellbeing includes:

Communicate regularly about wellness

  • Understand and encourage use of employee benefits
  • Understand and communicate policies and union agreements
  • Publicly recognize wellness programs and champions in your agency
  • Build employee health promotion into your agency's strategic plan

Allocate resources to wellness

  • Consider dedicating facilities or work space for wellness 
  • Consider dedicated a budget for wellness 
  • Consider designating some of a wellness champion's time for wellness 
  • Delegate responsibilities in support of wellness

Role model

  • Plan healthy meetings 
  • Take the stairs 
  • Eat away from your desk 
  • Bike to work 
  • Take walking meetings for one-on-one and phone discussions 
  • Replace candy jars with fruit bowls 

For other ideas, contact your wellness committee or

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