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The big picture. How the program works.

Evaluate your health habits annually by completing the StayWell health assessment. You immediately get a health profile and personalized wellness plan. The health assessment is private and available year-round. Your results are confidential and are not shared with your employer.

Complete the health assessment at the StayWell portal.

Earn a wellness incentive. This incentive is earned annually, only during Open Enrollment and has two requirements. If you complete the health assessment during Open Enrollment, you earn a $5 reduction in office visit copays with the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan. When completing the health assessment you also need to agree to accept a call from a StayWell health professional.

You don't have to wait for a call. After completing your health assessment, you can sign up immediately for the StayWell wellness program. Your health profile and wellness plan will provide guidance. Health coaching is one option. Sign up on the StayWell portal or call the StayWell HelpLine at 855-428-6320.

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