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People all over are living with more anxiety than ever before. We—and our family members—are no exception.

It’s not a surprise. We’re working and living through a lot of change. Yet anxiety was increasing even before COVID-19.

Anxiety diagnoses are up across all ages for people who have medical insurance through the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan. By 2021, 8% of us lived with a general anxiety diagnosis. The rates are higher—13%—for youth ages 12 to 17. It’s 15% for ages 18 to 29. And 12% for people ages 30 to 44.

Anxiety shows up at work and in our personal lives. It effects relationships. It effects our overall health and well-being. It matters how we cope with our own anxiety and support those around us who struggle.

Here you can get information, tips and help building a community of support.

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