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Omada: diabetes prevention and management


If you or an adult family member has or is at risk for diabetes Omada can help. Omada has two programs that can help you reach your health goals at no cost to you.

  • Diabetes Prevention Program
    If you’re at risk for diabetes, this program can help you start healthy routines that fit your life. It provides a personalized plan built around what you love, what challenges you, and where you want help to prevent diabetes.
    Please note: Eligible individuals may only complete this program once. If you receive a diabetes diagnosis, you may apply for Omada’s Diabetes Management program.

  • Diabetes Management Program
    If you have Type I or Type II diabetes, this program can help you find motivation each day to make small changes that help you feel in control of your condition. This program can help participants reduce or better manage medications, connect with certified health educators and coaches, and not be held back by the highs and lows. 

Program features 

Omada gives participants in both programs access to:

  • A personalized health program 
  • A health coach to help keep you on track
  • Devices, such as a smart scale and/or glucose meter (participants can decline these devices by contacting Omada)
  • A dashboard to guide you on your journey
  • An online community tailored to your interests

In addition to diabetes prevention and management, Omada offers resources to support you overall health. Learn strategies to sleep better, manage your stress, build healthy habits, and more. 

Getting started

Take a short questionnaire to find out if you meet the criteria for one of Omada's programs. If you are eligible, you'll receive an email to enroll.

Omada is available at no cost for Minnesota Advantage Plan members (employees and covered adult dependents).

Learn more.

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