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SEGIP Contacts

If you have questions about eligibility, enrollment, billing, or COBRA administration, please contact the appropriate State Program Administrator per first letter of employee last name. For general questions or additional information the State Employee Group Insurance Program main line is 651-355-0100.

Contact Person

General Insurance Info

Last Initial A, C, E, U, Y, Z

Last Initial B, J, Q

Last Initial H, P

Last Initial K, O, R

Last Initial D, M

Last Initial G, I, N, W

Last Initial S, V

Last Initial F, L, T, X



Benefits Specialist

Benefits Specialist

Benefits Specialist

Paru Rajan

Kelly Henseler

Valerie Tjader

Tina Blanco

Steve Meyer

Mary Schiltgen

Charles (Brad) Reed

Andrew Gibbens

Jodi Ehlenz

Tracy Faville

Lynn Burwell

Joanie Fleischer

Shannon Tupper

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