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Outcomes by group

While many Minnesotans experience a good quality of life, not all segments of the population have the same opportunities and positive experiences. Stark inequalities persist in some parts of our society, and these differences exist across race, income, gender, disability, geography, and other characteristics.

These differences often exist because societal structures-such as housing, jobs, economics, transportation, legal systems and social opportunities-are organized in ways that benefit some groups unfairly over others, whether intended or not. These disparities are frequently associated with unfair historical treatment as well as present-day biases. Differences that begin early in life often persist and worsen, if unaddressed, and result in the disparities observed in the data below.

To examine differences between groups and across the indicators, use the tool below. You can filter by indicator and group.

This document (.xlsx) provides the data on outcomes by group in table format.

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