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Highway Pavement Condition

The pavement condition of Minnesota's highways affects the safe travel on Minnesota roadways and has an impact on user satisfaction and the maintenance of user vehicles. Timely repair and replacement reduce long-term costs to the state.

The highways included in this indicator represent just 8.5% of the total miles of public roadway in the state but carry 60% of the traffic.

Ride quality improved in 2017. The condition of major state highway assets has improved or remained constant since 2009 due to a series of one time increases in preservation focused investment. These increases have enabled MnDOT to keep pace with preservation even as a growing number of roads and bridges require significant repair or replacement. This situation is temporary, however, as MnDOT projections show asset condition resuming its long-term decline by the end of the decade.

This document (.xlsx) provides the indicator data in table format.

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