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Sustainable options to safely move people, goods, services, and information

Moving people and commerce in a safe, well-maintained system is important to Minnesota residents and the state economy. Transportation surveys across the state indicate that the safety of roads and bridges is of the utmost importance to citizens and businesses. Citizens also place a high priority on reducing congestion, and they expect transportation projects to be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Population growth, local development, Minnesota's climate, and other factors increase congestion and take a toll on our transportation systems. The state is responsible for managing all interstate and state highways, as well as bridges and related structures. The state also implements strategies to reduce demand on the transportation system by providing citizens with transit options. 

This document (.xlsx) provides data for the Mobility outcome area in table format.

See the Criteria page for information on how the status for each indicator was assigned the colors green, yellow, or red.

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