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Postsecondary Graduate Employment

This indicator provides a gauge on the health of the labor market and the alignment of higher education opportunities with careers that offer full-time, year-round positions. This is one look at the connection between the supply (graduates with postsecondary education) and demand (availability of jobs) for the state. The indicator reflects the percent of postsecondary graduates employed two years after graduation whose employment is full-time and year round. Among 2013 graduates employed in Minnesota, 43 percent were employed full-time and year-round in 2015.

Less than half of Minnesotans who received an award from a postsecondary program in 2013 and who were employed in the state, were employed full-time and year-round by 2015. This share has increased steadily since 2012.  Employment outcomes do improve in subsequent years. Three and four years after graduation, the share employed in the state full-time and year-round increases to more than 50 percent.

This document (.xlsx) provides the indicator data in table format.

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