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A thriving economy that encourages business growth and employment opportunities

Minnesota businesses and workers are the engines that drive the state's economy and the economic well-being of our population.

Minnesota's economic development plans and programs focus on improving our state's business climate, supporting business success, and providing a well-prepared workforce that meets business needs. Job growth, good wages, and business survival are the most important attributes of a strong economy.

Although the state government's role in the economy is limited, the state supports economic activity by streamlining processes and requirements for businesses, providing a wide range of business assistance programs, and helping to finance local infrastructure construction projects. Almost all other government programs, from education to transportation to health care to social services, have direct and indirect economic benefits.

This document (.xlsx) provides data for the Economy outcome area in table format.

See the Criteria page for information on how the status for each indicator was assigned the colors green, yellow, or red.

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