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About the Dashboard

The Minnesota Dashboard presents 40 indicators of the state’s well-being. The results for these indicators are influenced by the actions of state agencies, other public and private organizations, individual Minnesotans, and countless other actors.

The leaders of Minnesota state agencies selected these indicators to reflect key outcomes that state agencies are working to favorably influence through programs and policies enacted by the state’s elected officials. In addition to the indicators presented on this dashboard, agencies use program-specific performance measures to inform their ongoing management actions. Results for many of the measures used by these agencies can be found in the Catalog of State Agencies, Programs and Activities. As an enterprise, the executive branch coordinates across agencies to identify ways to improve the collective contributions of these programs toward better results in the areas featured on this dashboard.

This Minnesota Dashboard site is intended to give Minnesotans a concise and transparent look at the state’s current well-being and opportunities for improvement.
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