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Motor Vehicle Insurance Task Force

The Client

Department of Public Safety (DPS)

The Challenge

Help DPS and a legislative task force develop recommendations to improve a statewide insurance verification program. Several state agencies, the legislature and many Minnesotans have concerns that too many people in Minnesota drive without motor vehicle liability coverage. In 2014, the legislature addressed this issue by establishing a task force to review and evaluate approaches to insurance coverage verification and recommend legislation to create and fund a program in this state." DPS was responsible for convening the group.

DPS and the task force faced many significant challenges in carrying out its charge. First, members came to the task force with very diverse, often conflicting views about how to address the problem of uninsured motorists. Approximately 10 to 11 percent of Minnesota motorist drive without insurance, a rate slightly lower than the national average. Second, the task force needed to quickly compile and analyze a large amount of complex information from within Minnesota and from other states to provide well-supported and well-considered recommendations to the legislature for the 2014-2015 session. Third, concrete information about the effectiveness, cost and efficiency of alternatives in Minnesota and other states was lacking or not available, as many state policies and alternatives are quickly evolving.

DPS contracted with Management Analysis and Development (MAD) for expert assistance in facilitating strategic and practical meetings for studying alternatives and crafting effective recommendations, assisting in the analysis of information and creating a strong final report for the legislature.

The Approach

Between July 2014 and February 2015, DPS and MAD led the Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage Verification (MVICV) task force's assessment of approaches to insurance coverage verification. MAD staff facilitated the members' consideration of a range of options and the development of practical and workable recommendations. MAD staff served on the task force's steering group, and organized and documented eight task force meetings. These meetings served to organize the group's structure and task, build common knowledge, identify and study viable options, and select best options for moving ahead. MAD consultants with deep experience in analysis and technical writing worked with the client and task force to develop meeting materials and create a draft of the report. MAD staff worked with DPS to manage a fair, professional and timely process for members to review report drafts and come to agreement on final conclusions and recommendations.

The Results

The final report described the group's work and recommended ways to address the problem of uninsured motorists. The final recommendations focused on:

  1. strengthening proof of insurance requirements and processes;
  2. increasing penalties for people convicted of driving without insurance or without proof of insurance;
  3. implementing a public awareness campaign;
  4. creating an ongoing committee to assist in implementing the recommendations and developing additional policies; and
  5. reassessing the option of an Electronic Insurance Verification Program after DPS has completed implementing their new computer system.

Following the creation of these recommendations, several bills are being proposed or moved through the legislature to increase the number of Minnesotans who drive with insurance.

The Consultants

Laura Iversen
Charlie Petersen
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